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How to Choose Container Homes ? Shipping Container or Prefab Container ?

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How to Choose Container Homes ? Shipping Container or Prefab Container ?


Container house design has becoming more and more popular in many countries, compared with traditional house, it’s more economical, easily assembled, eco-friendly and convenience for transportation.

There there are two options for container house: container house that transformed by sea shipping container, which is stable and durable; Prefab container that made of light steel structure and sandwich panel insulation, which is free combination and much more economical.

For instance, they both offer the benefits of simple living in creative small spaces. Here we do provide some suggestions to help you made the right choices.

1: Usage ( Life span )

Usually for sea shipping container, they are widely used for long term using Commercial Building like shops, luxury container hotel, Commercial street building etc; Cause the sea shipping container make of steel plate and it’s quite stronger and stable, can used more than 20 years.

And prefab container usually used for temporary using house, can last for 8 to 12 years only and it’s not as stable as shipping container. Prefab house can be used for dormitory, office, meeting room for construction site, or other houses that last for short period.

Shipping container ( Long term using ) VS Prefab container ( Temporary using )

2: Installation

Different from traditional house, we need crane for installation and transportation during the construction of container house, it’s very heavy; But there are also some places not available for crane, and now we have to choose prefab container, there are prefab container don’t need any big machines for installation.

Shipping container ( Need crane for installation ) VS Prefab container ( Workers can handle the installation )

3: Design and layout.

Due to the restriction of exporting and shipping, shipping container is hard to fir all the design you required. To ensure the safety of the container, shipping container for living house always be 20ft or 40ft and can not customized the size.

For prefab container, the material will be dismantled and loaded inside the shipping container. So, prefab house can suitable for any design and customized layout. If the size you required is not suitable for standard 20ft or 40ft shipping container, prefab container will be a good choice.

Shipping container ( Fixed size ) VS Prefab container ( Customized size )

Which is better: a shipping container home or a prefab container houses ? More importantly, which is best for you!


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